After losing our son to this fate, I had to take action. So I created The Tyler Project. Established to increase and improve coordination and delivery of mental health services for students, young adults and families in our community. Awareness for Cyber-Bullying. Funding will be used for counseling, educational services and programs to help predict and prevent some of the crises facing young people today.

 The Project creates and funds programs and lectures for the East End school districts, Fire Dept's, Police Dept's., Churches and other community programs. We are working with Therapist's and Doctors to help reduce the high expense of therapy. Working with Southampton Hospital to create an area of the emergency room that can provide privacy for crisis's for families and patients.. Providing access to an in Staff Pyschologist within the emergency room. Helping to get immediate help in the "Hamptons" for emergency crisis for which is currently non-existent.

 Our Project has created a highly successful therapy group for young adults

 aged 15 - 22 called "The East End Chat & Chill'. We are on facebook/[EastEndChatandChill] for information about the project, to join the group or please contact the phone # above.

  •  Suicide is an epidemic through out the United States but in small communities it has a severe affect on friends and families.

  •  Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in Americans, with someone dying of suicide every 13.3 minutes in 2011. Traditional suicide prevention resources such as education, counseling and help lifelines are being augmented with mobile apps that expand the reach and try to save lives that might otherwise be lost. Suicide prevention apps aimed to help those with suicidal thoughts, as well as friends, family, and loved ones looking to educate themselves and reach out to someone in need.

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Montauk, New York 11954

Email: info@tylerproject.org 

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